Red Remover 3

Red Remover 3 is the latest installment in the Red Remover series. Be sure to keep your brain stimulated in this challenging puzzle game. After playing through most of the levels you’re sure to burn some brain cells but get a real mental workout in the process.

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What it’s all about

The objective of the game is actually pretty simple. All you have to do is eliminate all the red objects in the screen or levels. Red objects will come in a number of shapes and sizes. There will be squares, rectangles, circles, and other shapes. Eliminating them however, will not be as easy as it would seem.

All Reds must go

Play through the game’s initial tutorial modes to get a feel of the game. They are pretty straightforward and simple to understand, and there’s virtually no way of failing the levels. Here you will get a feel of the game and how to eliminate the reds effectively.

The simplest and most straightforward way to get rid of a red is simply by clicking it. It will simply vanish. But only lightly colored reds can be eliminated this way. The other darker shades of red will have to be eliminated in other ways. You can use other shapes especially the blue ones or use the 4 planes of gravity.

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Reds usually come in 3 shapes namely:

Squares: These shapes are the most common among the reds. As long as they’re not too big in size they won’t give you too much of a problem.

Rectangles: A little bit longer than the squares but also pretty common in the game. They can knock other shapes off in the game or be used as a platform because of their long shape.

Circles: Be very careful with the circles. They can easily roll off surfaces. If they’re red that’s good because this game is all about eliminating the reds. But if they’re green not so good because..

Green objects are in

Even as you must remove all of the reds, you also must keep the green shapes in the levels at all costs. The greens will also come in various shapes and sizes. Like the reds they will also come in squares, rectangles, and circles. But you mustn’t let them fall off  the screen in the levels so be very careful when handling green shapes.

Blue: The Neutral color

As the game says, blue is a neutral color. The game will not penalize you if you drop the blues nor will it reward you if retain them. Hence they are neutral in nature. Because of this they are mainly tools to be used to achieve your goals which are mainly to take away the reds and retain the greens. Make the most of this and don’t worry about the blues. Use as many  of them as you can.

The 4 planes of Gravity

The game will also use an extra element the 4 planes of gravity. Here different planes of gravity will tug at,  or push and pull your balls in different directions not just downwards. Be very careful of these planes of gravity, which are actually more similar to air currents, as they can really sweep away all objects in their path.

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Graphics, sound, and Presentation

Just as Super stacker , where you need to add items instead of remove them,  the game is very cartoon-like in it’s graphics. It’s very colorful and humorous. There is absolutely no violence in this game. All ages are recommended to play it and get a mental workout.

The sounds are also very crisp and clear. Except for a very bizarre sound when you fail a level and have to repeat it, the sounds are generally very good. The background music is actually haunting.


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