Red Remover 1

From the makers of Super Stacker comes a new puzzle game, Red Remover. Another puzzle game from Gaz and it’s just as challenging as Super Stacker. If you thought stacking shapes was tough for your head try and removing the red circles and squares.

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Game Objectives

The game objectives of this puzzle game are pretty simple and straightforward. The player is given a level often with shapes in the colors of red, green, and blue. And all he has to do is literally remove all the red shapes (usually squares, rectangles or circles)in a level. Removing them can be as simple as clicking on them. Sounds simple right? Not so as the game gives you more options and objectives to achieve. Following is a breakdown of the game and it’s elements.

The Game in depth

Anything red must go

The game makes it clear in the initial tutorial mode that anything colored red has to go. These “Reds” come in various shapes and sizes. The smaller reds can be clicked on to be removed but the bigger Reds won’t be so easy to get rid of.

Red squares: The most numerous red shapes in the game. Small and easy to get rid of by simply clicking on them.

Red rectangles: A little wider in length and width than the red squares, these can also be removed by simply clicking on them. But it’s not all that easy..

Big red squares and rectangles: If you encounter the same red shapes in the game, only of bigger size, you automatically cannot just click them to remove them. They must be removed in other ways. These ways include getting knocked off ledges by other shapes, or by using air currents that can push them in a certain direction off the screen. The game refers to these currents as “pulls of gravity.”

Red circles: These shapes also cannot be removed by simply clicking on them. They must be bumped, rolled or moved in another way to remove them.

red remover


Everything Green must stay

If everything red must go, the opposite is true of the color green. Every green colored shape must stay in the level to proceed to the next level. Dropping even one green object will mean you have failed the level and you will have to try again. This is where the game begins to challenge you. It can be a chore to keep the green objects on the level. As usual, they may be placed in very inconvenient positions that will make it very easy to lose them in a level. Just as in the red shapes, they come in different shapes and sizes. But you cannot lose them by clicking on them. You can’t lose them at all unless they are dropped or bumped off.

Blue is Neutral

The blues come in the same different shapes and sizes as the reds and greens but with one key difference: They are neutral in the game. They can be remain or be lost in a level and you can still clear it. Because of this you can click on them to have them vanish, or you can keep them and use them to your advantage to clear the level of the red shapes.

The Different pulls of gravity

Gravity will pull your balls in different directions in this game. Call it the pulls of gravity or different air currents but whatever you call them, you have to use these pulling forces to your advantage in the game. They can pull all your shapes in a certain direction if left unchecked, including the green ones. So be very careful when you encounter the various pulls of gravity.


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