Red Remover 2

Red Remover 2 – Red Remove Player Pack is the sequel to the hit puzzle/physics game Red Remover. If you haven’t gotten enough of removing red objects onscreen this is the game for you. Your brain is sure to be tested to it’s limit by the physics involved in removing the red objects all over the screen.

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Game Objectives

As in the previous game,objectives are simple and straightforward. In each level the player must remove all the red objects that dot the screen or level. The objects come in different shapes and sizes. But removing them will not be as easy as it seems. Below is a more detailed explanation of the game.


Reds must be removed.

The game has an initial tutorial mode that clearly explains the objectives of the game. The main objective of the game is that all reds must go. Lightly colored reds can simply be clicked on and they will vanish. But not all reds are as easily removed. Here is a breakdown of all the red shapes:

Red squares: Red squares can come in all shapes and sizes. If they have a light shade, simply click on them to make them go away. But if they have a darker shade, you’re going to have to use other built in elements in the game to get rid of them. These elements include the other shapes, the blue shapes and the different planes of gravity.

Red rectangles: Just like the red squares the red rectangles can be erased if they have a lighter shade. If not use the other elements to get them out of the way.

Red circles: These circular shapes roll over ramps very easily. And if they’re green in color, you’re going to have to keep them from rolling at all costs.

red remover 2

Green objects must stay

While getting rid of the reds, you must keep the greens on the level at all costs. These shapes must stay on screen and that is where the challenge of the game lies. Removing the reds and keeping the greens can often be a very challenging task as you progress through the game.

Blue: A special color

As with the greens and reds, the blues will come in different shapes and sizes. They will however have one very important difference: They are neutral in the game. This meas that it doesn’t really matter if the blue objects stay or go in the game. This is a very important element of the game as you can use the blues to bump off the reds or keep the greens. And you don’t need to worry about them falling off.

4 Different planes of Gravity

The game will employ 4 different planes of gravity to pull your objects apart. Simply put, your objects will be pulled in different directions in other stages, not just downwards. Keeping this in mind, be careful about letting blue objects go. Sometimes, they’re the only thing keeping these planes of gravity from pulling those important green objects away. You will have to plan and find a way to use these planes of gravity to your advantage. They can be a real obstacle to overcome in the game.


Other than an extremely bizarre sound effect when you fail a level, Red Remover 2  is very playable to all ages. Kids will find this game great for their mental development as it can teach them about how motion and physics work. Older players will also get stuck in some levels. This is a real brain teaser of a game so be ready for some serious thinking.


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