Red Remover 4

If you still haven’t gotten your fix of puzzle games try out Red Remover 4 the latest game in the Red Remover series. You’ll have a real wonderful( or brain teasing ) time as you try to solve 20 levels of puzzles designed to stump you and leave you clueless. With some new elements Red Remover 4 is sure to get your brain thinking how to solve the puzzles.

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What it’s about

Red Remover 4 is simply about removing the pumpkins in any given level. This is initially quite simple but the game will throw you various obstacles to stop you from achieving this simple goal. There are also various elements to the game that can either help or hinder your progress.

Rotten Pumpkins

The rotten pumpkins are the easiest to remove in the game. They are simply clicked on to be removed. But they can also be removed by using gravity or falling down. They are also the pumpkins that look like normal pumpkins although the game says they are rotten. They can also be burned off using fire.

Black Pumpkins

The black pumpkins are not so easily removed. Only gravity and fire can remove them so they must fall off the screen or be burned. They cannot be clicked to disappear. They will only click after 8 seconds.

Pumpkins with stalks

Very occasionally you will encounter pumpkins with their green stalks intact. When you see these pumpkins you do not need to eliminate or keep them in a level.

Elements to watch out for

Sometimes a pumpkin will be aflame. You can use this to ignite the other pumpkins to start a chain reaction.

Sometimes the pumpkins will not fall downwards. There are different planes of gravity which are active in the game. They can fall upwards or sideways in both directions. To know which way they will, fall simply observe where they face. That’s where they will fall.

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Also remember that the black pumpkins not being able to simply vanish by being clicked can sometimes really pose a problem. In many levels you may be left with too many black pumpkins.

Another element to be careful of is the 8 second fire rule. They can only burn for 8 seconds and because of this, sometimes the pumpkins will burn out too quickly leaving a lot of black pumpkins still unaccounted for.

If you finish a level and there are still black pumpkins left in the level that cannot be eliminated in any way, you will have no choice but to reset the level again.

Oftentimes using all the elements mentioned above the gravity, the flame and the pumpkins are the keys to clearing the levels successfully.

There is also no more level editor in this game unlike the previous Red Remover games.

Graphics sound and presentation

The graphics are very clear and animate well in the game. The pumpkins are bright and very colorful. The fire is a bright and clear red. The sound is very crisp and clear as well. There is a halloween sounding theme every time you clear the levels though the pumpkins themselves do not speak.

Age Appropriateness

There is no shocking violent scenes in the game and it’s all animated. It ‘s just getting rid of pumpkins so it’s very ok to have kids and anyone of any age play the game. Just be sure to get ready for some heavy puzzles that can really stump you. There is a link in the game to various walkthroughs of the game if you’re okay with getting spoilers and help for the game.




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