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You can get the Red Remover app on Ipad, Iphone, and Ipod touch and also for Android. Download it at the app store for only $ 0.99. The addicting element of this puzzle game will make you see that it was a purchase that was well worth it. For only $ 0.99 you get exclusive levels on the Ipad, Iphone, and Ipod touch not available on the PC versions. For such a low price, and the convenience of playing this game on the go, and all the replay value available, it’s really a steal. You can download it at the App store but it’s usually downloadable if you’re playing the PC version on just about any flash game site.

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red remover app

Gameplay and objectives

The objectives of the game are shown in a series of tutorial levels. The first levels being tutorial levels are straightforward and easy to solve. There’s a challenge but it’s not too difficult as the game is being introduced to the player. This is a great way to get to know the game, especially if you’re new to the series.

No more Reds

The objectives are pretty simple. It’s all about erasing the red shapes. The reds of all shapes and sizes must go. If the shape is lightly colored red, simply clicking on it will make the shape vanish. This light shade of red is the simplest shape to erase.

If the shape is of a darker shade of red, clicking it will not make it disappear. Here is where the challenge of the game lies. You’ll have to find another way to make the shape disappear.

Regardless of the sizes of the shapes you can click them to make them disappear if they are lightly colored red, and  you can’t click on them to disappear if they are dark red.

Keep the Greens

The greens are the opposite of the reds in this game. All shapes that are colored green must not disappear or fall off the screen. In each level all red shapes must go and all green shapes must stay. Do not lose the green shapes or the level will be repeated.

The Blues are Neutral

The blues are the neutral shapes in the game. This means that it doesn’t really matter if you keep them or not as long as you stick to the main objective of losing the reds and keeping the greens. Use the blues as tools to this end to keep the greens and lose the reds. They can be used to block a green from falling off or to bump off a red shape from the screen.

The 4 planes of Gravity

In this game the shapes don’t just fall straight down. They can be pulled up, or sideways by various planes of gravity. Watch out for these planes as the shapes can be tugged at any direction and it can get quite tricky keeping the reds from falling the right way with so many forces tugging at different directions.


The app comes with the 40 original levels, the 16 auto levels that are unlocked as rewards, the level editor, plus the bonus exclusive levels for the app. That’s a lot of levels to and game content to sink your teeth into any way you look at it. Plus being an app it’s much more convenient to play it on the go anywhere and anytime. And all this for just $0.99. it’s a good deal any way you look at it.

Age Appropriateness:

There’s no violence or extreme graphical content here. It’s a game that any one of any age who wants to test his brain can play.


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